Residential Pest Control Services in Woodbridge, VA

When pests like mice or cockroaches enter your home, they can cause serious problems. From wood-eating insects like carpenter ants and termites to pathogen-carrying rodents, severe cases of household pests are best left to the experts. The team at Blake’s Pest Control are highly trained in the best practices and licensed by the state of Virginia to treat your home for a range of pesky critters.

If you see signs of damage caused by insects or rodents, don’t delay, call Blake’s Pest Control. We serve the Woodbridge area and all of Northern Virginia with quality pest control.

Our Pest Control Services

As your local pest control authority, Blake’s Pest Control can handle a range of animals that damage your home. We offer the following services to the Woodbridge, VA area.

  • Free inspections
  • Permanent wood protection

Custom Pest Services

Before we begin exterminating, our team takes time to inspect your home and listen to your situation. We can rid your home of insects, rodents and birds quickly and effectively.

Wood-Eating Insects

You might not notice them immediately but wood-eating insects can damage your home if left unchecked. From burrowing insects that live in pillars and rafters to termites that eat at the wood in your foundation, don’t take treatment to chance with these creatures. Some of the wood-eating pests Blake’s Pest Control specializes in include:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Subterranean termites
  • Wood beetles

Crawling & Flying Insects

Insects nest in homes across the Northern Virginia area and are a common problem for many people. While they’re annoying, it’s necessary to deal with them as soon as possible to avoid potential diseases and damage to your home.

If you have these insects in your home, contact us:

  • Cockroach
  • Fleas
  • Small ants
  • Spiders
  • Wasps

Rodent & Mice Pest Control

Rats and mice can cause serious damage to your home if neglected to food, the structure of your home and other items in your house. Rodents can also aggravate allergies in humans and transmit diseases like Hantavirus and salmonella. If you see a rat or mouse in your home, call Blake’s Pest Control for service in Woodbridge or the surrounding area.