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Ant Exterminator for Alexandria, VA

Ants are a nuisance. Once you’ve got them, they seem impossible to get rid of. Not true! Blake’s Pest Control in Alexandria, VA specializes in just that. With the variety of ants found in Virginia it takes an expert to know how to eliminate them. Because we are locally owned and operated, with over 16 years in business, we can control your ant problem.

The ant and pest infestation level will determine the type of services needed and the frequency it will be administered. Let the experts with Blake’s Pest Control in Alexandria, VA diagnose the severity of your pest problem and establish the best course of action to take. We will also show you preventative measures once we have eliminated your pest or ant problem.

Ant Species of Virginia

Carpenter Ants – Being attracted to soft, damp wood, the carpenter ant is a natural decomposer in the wild. In your home, those attributes are destructive. They do not consume wood as termites do, but chew through it, designing intricate nests. Professionals are needed to treat the infestation as the carpenter ant spreads in parent and satellite colonies.

Odorous House Ants – Odorous house ants get their name from the foul coconut smell emitted when it’s crushed. Also called the stink ant, this species seeks out sugary items in your home and moves in. They can nest both indoors and outdoors making them particularly problematic.

Pavement Ants – Although pavement ants have a stinger, they are not aggressive. However, they are a hassle due to their vast numbers and capabilities of invading your home, searching for food. These are tiny ants, whose anthills are a common sight across Virginia lawns.

Red Imported Fire Ants – This highly aggressive species is notorious for its persistent biting and painful sting. Native to South America, the fire ant has migrated north over the last few decades and are prevalent in Virginia today. They are easily identified by their red coloring. Call Blake’s Pest Control if you discover these ants in your home or yard.

Call the Ant Control & Extermination Experts

If you suspect you have an ant infestation or a pest problem, call Blake’s Pest Control for an examination today. We are licensed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and provide the most comprehensive, all-inclusive extermination methods. We are affordable, safe and reliable, providing fee-bases, follow-up services after our initial visit. Reach us at 703-490-0081.