Ant Exterminator for Ashburn, VA

Of the numerous species of ants in Ashburn, VA, each has its very own irritating talent. Blake’s Pest Control, Inc. serves Ashburn with experienced, discreet pest control for a variety of pests found in Virginia. Our team of specialists at Blake’s Pest Control, Inc. operates discreetly and rapidly to eliminate your ant problem. When you discover ants in your home, do not hesitate to call us. We will send an experienced ant exterminator.

  • Pavement Ants – Pavement Ants are often found on concrete and sidewalks outdoors. But they frequently wander inside looking for something to eat. Pests frequently crawl into your kitchen and pantry searching for vegetables, dairy and meat.
  • Odorous House Ants – The odorous house ant, also known as the coconut or stink ant, gives off a foul smell when it is crushed. They have a taste for sweets that stems from their normal diet, aphid honeydew. In your home, they look for sweet temptations on your floors or in your pantry. These ants are particularly pesky because they have the ability to make a home almost anyplace indoors or outdoors.
  • Red Imported Fire Ants – Originally hailing from South America, fire ants have traveled farther north over the last few decades and are easily spotted by their red coloring. This harmful type of ant is infamous for its harmful persistent bite and sting. They very often stay outdoors in large mounds which can grow to be 2 feet tall. When you find fire ants, do not hesitate to call expert help.
  • Carpenter ants – This type of ant is most attracted to soft, damp wood like that of rotting tree stumps. In their natural environment, they play a critical part as a decomposer, but in your residence, they’re a serious pest. Although they don’t eat wood like termites, carpenter ants dig out holes for their intricate homes. When you find carpenter ants, it’s best to reach out to a professional because these pests typically stay in parent and satellite colonies.

Keeping Ants Out

Typically, it’s ideal to maintain sealed entry points to your residence sealed, including windows, gutters, doors and cracks in the floors or walls. Standing water, food crumbs and other debris are appealing to ants and other pests, so make sure to frequently sanitize your house to avoid coaxing them inside.

  • Seal and screen all windows and window frames
  • Inspect all door sweeps and weather stripping
  • Seal any cracks in basement walls, especially in hard to see, hidden areas
  • Clean out wet leaves and organic debris regularly

Call us for Help

Blake’s Pest Control, Inc. has defended Ashburn against ants and other pests for over ten years. We offer total ant removal services at reasonable prices. Pest problems come in all shapes and sizes, so we provide follow up services and optional monthly visits. When you contact us, our insured, trained and licensed technicians will arrive on the scene to discreetly and quickly remove the dilemma. Contact Blake’s Pest Control, Inc. today to receive the best service in Ashburn.