Ant Control throughout Fredericksburg, VA

Ant Removal for Fredericksburg, VA

The infestation of ants is an annoying problem for any property owner, and it seems like a never-ending issue. But that’s where Blake’s Pest Control can help! We specialize in ant removal and control in the Fredericksburg, VA area. There are many varieties of ants located in Virginia and our professional exterminators know how to eliminate them. Blake’s Pest Control is a locally owned and operated establishment, and with over 30 years of experience in pest control, we can efficiently control your ant problem.

The types of services and the frequency they need to be administered will be determined by the degree of ant infestation your property has. The experts at Blake’s Pest Control can diagnose the severity of your ant problem and implement the best course of action to rid them from your property in Fredericksburg, VA. But it doesn’t end there. After we’ve performed our ant control services, we will provide you with effective-preventative measures to keep them from infiltrating your home again.

Different Ant Species found in Virginia

Red Imported Fire Ants – Native to South America, they have migrated over the past few decades and are widespread in Virginia. This species of ants is extremely aggressive. They are known for their incessant biting, painful sting and their red color. Give us a call if you find this species of ants in your yard or in your home.

Pavement Ants – This species of ants is not aggressive, even though they have a stinger, but they do pose as a problem for your home. They come in vast numbers and can easily invade your property searching for food. Their anthills are commonly found in Virginia lawns.

Odorous House Ants – As their name indicates, this species of ants emits a foul coconut smell when crushed. They’ll invade your home looking for sugary items. They have the ability to nest indoors and outdoors, which creates a problem for your property.

Carpenter Ants – Carpenter ants are attracted to damp wood and they are a natural decomposer in the wild. However, these characteristics aren’t something you want in your home. They don’t eat wood like a termite would, but they chew through it and make intricate nests. A professional is needed to treat the infestation because carpenter ants spread in parent and satellite colonies.

Call Us for Professional Ant Control in Fredericksburg, VA

If you believe you have an ant infestation, don’t hesitate! Call the experts at Blake’s Pest Control for a property examination today. Our ant extermination methods are all-inclusive and comprehensive. We are also licensed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture, so you know you can depend on us. Our ant control services are affordable, safe and reliable. We’ll also conduct follow-up services after your initial visit. Reach out to us at 540-288-8118 today.