Blake’s Pest Control brings excellent ant pest control services to Gainesville, VA.

Ant Exterminator for Gainesville, VA

Of the various species of ants in Gainesville, each has its very own pesky way of interrupting your life. Blake’s Pest Control, Inc. serves Gainesville with experienced, subtle pest control for every variety of ants found in Virginia. Our group of ant exterminators operates discreetly and rapidly to get rid of your ant problem. Never hesitate to call a specialist if you find ants or other pests in your home. Here are the ants that we frequently find:

  • Pavement Ants – These ants are often discovered on concrete and sidewalks outdoors. Famous for their small anthills in lawns across Virginia, pavement ants frequently head inside in search of food. Pests often enter your pantry and kitchen looking for vegetables, dairy and meat.
  • Odorous House Ants – The odorous house ant, also known as the stink ant or coconut ant, gives off a bad odor when crushed. In nature, these creatures get honeydew from aphids. When they enter your pantry, they are most drawn to sweetened items. Even though they’re not actively harmful to your health, they are able to nest anyplace, which makes them a difficult critter to remove without the help of a professional.
  • Red Imported Fire Ants – Originally hailing from South America, fire ants have traveled farther north over the last 20 years or so and are easy to distinguish by their red body. This hostile type of ant is famous for its harmful sting and persistent bite. Fire ants are content in their mounds which can grow up to two feet tall. When you discover fire ants, don’t wait to contact expert help.
  • Carpenter ants – Carpenter ants are most enticed by soft, damp wood like rotted branches. In their natural habitat, they provide an important role as a decomposer, but when they are in your home, they are a serious pest. Although they do not eat wood like termites, carpenter ants dig out holes for their complex nests. Carpenter ants are well known to roam in parent and satellite colonies, which makes it vital for an expert to treat the infestation.

Keep Ants Out

Entry areas like gutters, windows and cracks in the floor are perfect spots for ants to penetrate your home, so keep them sealed as efficiently as they can be. Standing water, leftover food scraps and other debris are attractive to pests and ants, so make sure to regularly sanitize your home to avoid inviting them inside. We suggest the following:

  • Screen and seal every window frames and windows
  • Inspect all weather stripping and door sweeps
  • Seal any cracks in basement walls, especially in hidden, hard to see areas
  • Clean out wet leaves and organic debris regularly

Contact Us Today

Blake’s Pest Control, Inc. has defended Gainesville, VA against ants and other pests for over 20 years. We provide complete ant extermination services at affordable costs. We know that infiltrations range from full swarms to small irritations, so we provide optional monthly visits and follow up products. When you get in touch, our insured, trained and licensed experts will come to the scene to discreetly and quickly remove the dilemma. Learn what makes Blake’s Pest Control, Inc. one of a kind now.