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Ant Exterminator – Insect Pest Control in Stafford, VA

When ants invade your home, it can be really frustrating and the problem seems as if it will persist forever. This can be aggravating for any property owner in Stafford, VA, but there’s no need to worry. Blake’s Pest Control is here to help out. We specialize in pest control services for homeowners in the region, and this includes ant extermination. There are a variety of ant species throughout Virginia and the expert ant exterminators at Blake’s Pest Control know how to remove them all. We are a locally owned and operated pest control business. With over 16 years of experience with ant removal services, we can exterminate the pests invading your home efficiently and effectively.

The degree of your ant infestation will determine the types of services you need and the frequency of the treatments. We’ll be able to figure out the severity of your ant problem and come up with the best plan of attack to eradicate them from your Stafford, VA, property. And it doesn’t end there. We know how persistent pests can be, so we’ll take some preventative measures in ensuring the ants won’t invade your home again.

Common Ant Species found in Virginia

Red Imported Fire Ants – The red imported fire ant is native to South America but has migrated up in our region and they are now prevalent in Virginia. This specific type of ant species is very aggressive. The red imported fire ant is known for biting incessantly, its painful sting and their red bodies. If you have found this species of ant on your property, give us a call right away.

Pavement Ants – Pavement ants do have a stinger, but they are not aggressive. However, they can still be an issue for your home. Pavement ants operate in large numbers which means they’ll invade your space looking for food. You can find their anthills in many Virginia yards.

Odorous House Ants – Just like their name, odorous house ants put off an offensive, coconut-like smell when they’re crushed. They thrive off of sugary products, and they’ll nest indoors when they’re given the chance.

Carpenter Ants – Carpenter ants actually help out when it comes to forest decomposition. They hollow out wood to build nests, preferably in dead, damp wood. However, they can be a nuisance and a danger for wooden structures such as your home. Carpenter ants spread in parent and satellite colonies, so it’s best to call a professional to alleviate your carpenter ant issues.

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Do you think you have an ant infestation? Then don’t hesitate and call Blake’s Pest Control right away. Our ant removal services will ensure your property will be ant free. We are licensed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture. You can count on us to eliminate your ant problems. Call now at 703-490-0081.