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Rodents and pests are the last problem anyone wants to deal with. No matter how small, a rodent infestation must be taken care of by a professional exterminator quickly. Blake’s Pest Control is Ashburn’s leading pest extermination service. Our team is capable of swiftly eradicating rats, mice, other rodents and insects from your home or property. If you notice or suspect a rodent or other pest problem in your home, it’s time to call Blake’s Pest Control.

Rodents and other pests are highly destructive, multiply quickly and carry germs and diseases, which is why a professional exterminator is needed. The team with Blakes’ Pest Control is thoroughly trained to eradicate a variety of rodents and insects, and treat your property to minimize their return. When you need the services of a professional exterminator in the Ashburn area, turn to us for lasting results.

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Rodent Eradication

Rodents are a destructive and highly invasive pest. Rats, mice, rabbits and other rodents reproduce quickly, and increase their numbers exponentially. They chew through every possible substance including wood and sheetrock, and burrow through spaces on their search for food or places to create nests. This causes damage that cannot be seen, so it is common that homeowners have a rodent infestation and don’t even know about it. The professional rodent exterminations with Blake’s Pest Control are expertly trained and have the tools necessary to eradicate several kinds of pests. We swiftly eliminate pests from your Ashburn, VA, property and provide solutions for possible future rodent issues. We are dedicated to providing the best pest control and extermination services, and are proud that customers have so much trust in our methods. We have gained a new word-of-mouth-based clientele, and look forward to assisting you, because Blake’s Pest Control Inc offers the best rodent exterminator services in Ashburn.

Here are a few reasons a rodent outbreak needs immediate attention:

  • Droppings cause allergic reactions
  • Carry diseases, like salmonellosis and hantavirus
  • Spread bacteria across surfaces
  • Nest in walls, ceilings and cabinets
  • Transfer ticks, mites and fleas
  • Professional Pest Exterminators

We understand the damage and issues mice and rats inflict upon a household can go unnoticed for a long time, meaning people will have mice or rats in their home long before they ever see any signs. Along with destructive behaviors, rodents spread disease and germs by leaving droppings and waste. Rodent waste causes harmful reactions in humans and other animals, like family pets. If you think or are certain that you have rats, mice or other pests in your home contact Blake’s Pest Control today. We use proven methods to eliminate the vermin and offer continuing preventative measures.

Pest Control Experts

Blake’s Pest Control is a family-owned and operated company with years of experience in the extermination business. The residents of Ashburn not only rely on our experience eliminating various pests, rodents and bugs from homes in the neighborhood but trust our work ethic as well. We deliver the best customer service experience and dependable pest exterminations no matter the vermin that plagues your property. Let our team that services Ashburn protect your home and the health of your family and pets by working hard to remove pests like rats and mice for good. We will rid your property of diseased critters and harmful bacteria.

Contact Blakes for Reliable Pest Extermination

Mice and rat problems will continue if left unchecked, so their extermination is essential for the health of your family. One call to Blake’s Pest Control and you can avoid continuing property damage and pathogen-borne illness due to rodent waste with our rodent extermination services. We are your best solution for a home free of bugs, rats, or mice. Our professional exterminators are trained and use the proper equipment to eradicate your pest infestation and provide long-lasting results. Call us at (540) 288-8118 for more information about our pest extermination services.