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Pest problems on any property pose serious health risks and must be dealt with immediately. If you find a rodent or other pest infestation in your home or on your property, look to Blake’s Pest Control for professional extermination services in Fairfax, VA. It’s essential to get an infestation under control because pests are germ-ridden, carry disease and cause damage to structures. Our pest exterminators are thoroughly trained to eradicate a variety of rodents and insects that can plaque your home and property with lasting results. If the time comes that you need the services of a professional exterminator, turn to Blake’s Pest Control Inc. 

Rodent Exterminators

Blake's Pest Control eliminates mice from your Virginia home.

Rodents are among the most destructive pests around. Mice and rats burrow in the hollow spaces as they search for food and places to bear their young causing damages throughout your home. In addition to their destructive powers, rodents spread germs and leave droppings that produce harmful reactions in humans. The moment you notice signs of mice in your home or a rat infestation, contact Blake’s Pest Control. Our professional rodent exterminators use proven methods to eliminate the pests and provide assistance with preventative measures.  

Rat and mice extermination is essential for the health of both humans and pets that occupy the home. Here are a few reasons a rodent outbreak needs immediate attention:

  • Droppings cause allergic reactions
  • Carry diseases, like salmonellosis and hantavirus
  • Spread bacteria across surfaces
  • Nest in walls, ceilings and cabinets
  • Transfer ticks, mites and fleas
  • Professional Pest Exterminators

Rat & Mouse Exterminator

At Blake’s Pest Control, we comprehend the threat mice and rats pose health risks to household members and how they typically behave in a house. Our professional extermination team is trained and have extensive experience getting rid of all kinds of infestations. We can remove pests from your Fairfax property and provide solutions to prevent them from returning. Our customers trust our services and we have gained a new word-of-mouth based clientele because of our effectiveness. You can trust Blake’s Pest Control Inc to provide the best rodent exterminator services around.

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Blake’s Pest Control is a family-owned and operated company with years of experience eliminating various pests, rodents and bugs from homes in the neighborhood. We are Fairfax’s trusted pest exterminator because of our work ethic, experience and dedication. Our commitment to delivering the finest exterminator services ensures that no matter the outbreak you have, we can take care of the job. We protect your home and the health of your family and consider it one of our top priorities. We work hard to remove pests like rats and mice for good and leave your home free of diseased critters and harmful bacteria. 

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Rat and mouse problems will persist if you do not utilize the services of a professional exterminator. In Fairfax, VA, Blake’s Pest Control is your top solution for a home free of bugs, rats or mice. Our rodent exterminators are trained and fully equipped to eradicate your pest infestation and provide long-lasting results. We can be reached by calling (703) 551-4596 for more information about our pest extermination services.