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For centuries, rodents have been around. These pests taint dry stock and transmit pathogens, even in modern times. These creatures consume, reproduce and leave waste quickly and in exponential quantities. A colony of rats and mice can chew through walls, wires and leave waste in food storage. For homeowners in Virginia, these vermin can be a severe dilemma. If you see rodents in your home, contact Blake’s Pest Control for expert assistance.

Remove rodents from your Virginia home, contact Blake's Pest Control.

The Damage Rats & Mice Cause

Tame rodents make loyal companions, but their feral cousins are more pests than pets. Animals in the rodent family are gnawing machines with strong, overgrown teeth, which makes them particularly dangerous to wall and wires, a few of the typical fixtures they can destroy. These animals chew on fixtures to file down their large incisors, but dry stock, fruits and vegetables are rodents’ primary source of food. Their large numbers and appetite generate a large quantity of feces and urine that pollute any surface they come in contact with.

If you see a mouse or rat in your home, avoid handling because they can carry diseases like Leptospirois. Ticks and fleas are also commonly seen on rodents and can spread throughout your home and onto your pets. Neither rats nor mice hibernate during the winter, so they can invade your property over the chilly months in search of food and warmth. These pests breed notoriously fast. Rats can have up to 84 pups every twelve months, while mice can have up to 56.

To prevent pests from invading your house, be sure that all dry storage closed off. Consistently cleaning your counters and tiles will remove crumbs we also suggest keeping a lid on all waste receptacles to neutralize smells that attract rats or mice.

Blake’s Pest Control Mice & Rat Exterminators

If you don’t move aggressively, rats and mice can be a challenge to remove on you own. They can be extremely quiet and are often active at night. With hidden places, they are compact enough to squeeze through narrow crevacies in your walls or foundations.

Traps and bait are the most common remedies for a rodent invasion. These solutions might work initially, but may not be a permanent solution. If left untreated, colonies of rodents can claim spaces like your porch or space between walls. For an effective, long term solution, call Blake’s Pest Control today. Professional exterminators have the technology and the training to eliminate rodents from their hiding spots. Blake’s Pest Control works for all of Virginia, along with Ashburn.

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