Extermination Services in Ashburn, VA

When vermin enter your home, it can be extremely harmful for your property and hazardous for your health. Blake’s Pest Control offers extermination services for homes in Ashburn, VA, to get rid of pests such as wood beetles, carpenter ants, and termites. It’s especially important to remove disease-causing rodents and potentially dangerous insects because it can be detrimental to your home and the inhabitants. Household pests need to be exterminated as soon as an infestation is detected in order to avoid further damage and additional expenses to remediate the problem. Our team does more than just kill pests, because we offer a wide range of all-inclusive pest control services to handle current problems and prevent upcoming invasions. As a leading extermination company, our approach is highly effective when compared to the local competition.

Remove rodents from your Virginia home, contact Blake's Pest Control.
You can’t permit pests to stay in your home. Call Blake’s Pest Control today. Our exterminators deliver pest control services to Ashburn and various cities in Virginia.

When Do You Need Professional Extermination Services?

If you notice the signs of a bug infestation, it’s important to seek professional extermination services. For the most effective pest control in Ashburn, VA, get in touch with Blake’s Pest Control. We don’t only exterminate bugs; we also stop them from returning to your home and causing more damage. Our technicians use highly effective insecticides and traps to get rid of pests like cockroaches, ants, termites, and rodents. You can always rely on our trained and experienced team to do the job right.

  • Property damage
  • Droppings and urine
  • You actually see Insects or rodents
  • Scratching and rustling noises
  • Inhabitants have allergies and bites

The Pest Exterminations We Handle

If you’ve noticed the signs of a pest infestation, turn to our professional exterminators to handle the job. We provide extermination services for bugs that chew away at wood, insects, and rodents. When you hire the team from Blake’s Pest Control, you can expect us to use the best tools and techniques to get rid of the bugs that have overrun your home. We will begin with an inspection to determine the extent of the problem and how to approach treatments the right way. As leading insect and rodent exterminators, we will arrive promptly to your home to take care of the job. We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service and workmanship that stands heads above the rest of the competition.

We handle exterminations for the following pests:

Wood Eaters

You might not be able to hear them, but wood-destroying organisms could be eating away at your home without you even knowing. Fixing damaged wood understructures is costly, but with our assistance, the following pests can be eliminated before the damage becomes extreme:

  • Carpenter ants
  • NW termites
  • Wood beetles
  • Wood-decaying fungi


Insects are often nested in homes, and along with being irritating, some of them can lead to harmful bites, stings, allergies, asthma, food poisoning, diseases, lessened quality of life and reduced property value. If you have the following insects in your home, contact us:

  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Small ants
  • Spiders
  • Wasps


Mice and rats go inside buildings in search of food, warmth and shelter, but they can cause major property damage. Rodents chew, soil and damage objects like furniture, seasonal items, stored food and collectibles. It’s also common knowledge that rodents cause allergic reactions in humans and transmit diseases and viruses like Hantavirus, rat bite fever and salmonellosis.

Call Our Insect and Rodent Exterminators Today

If you have a major pest issue, don’t hesitate to get professional extermination services for your home in the Ashburn, VA, area. You don’t have to deal with the pests in your home when you can reach out to our extermination technicians to take care of it. Bugs can be harmful to the health of a home’s inhabitants and pets, so it’s crucial to remove them because they have the potential to spread bacteria and illness. They can also cause damage to your drywall, wood structures, and also scavenge through pantries.

Each member of our team has received expensive training and uses the most effective solutions for removing residential infestations. We’re a family-owned and operated company that’s dedicated to your complete satisfaction by providing you with the best results possible. Call Blake’s Pest Control today at 703-551-4596 to learn about our insect and rodent extermination services.