Rodent Extermination for Fairfax, Virginia

Rodents have been a nuisance for humans as long as farms have existed. Even today, these animals consume food in dry stock and pass diseases to humans. Along with their constant reproductive rates make them particularly damaging to properties. If neglected, an army of rodents can destroy drywall, electrical lines and taint your property with solid and liquid waste. Across Virginia, rodents can cause serious problems for residential and business owners alike. Blake’s Pest Control provides full elimination services for rats and mice in Fairfax and throughout Virginia.

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How are Rodents Damaging?

Though many animal lovers keep rodents as pets, wild rodents will result in significant harm. Animals in the rodent family are chewing masters with powerful, overgrown incisors, which makes them especially harmful to wall and electric lines, a few of the most common fixtures they can destroy. They feed primarily on cereals and grains, contaminating your storage and dry stock. Their large numbers and consumption rates generate lots of feces and urine that contaminate any area they touch.

Along with the structural damage, undomesticated rodents carry and can spread illnesses such as Leptospirosis if handled. They also carry insects like fleas and ticks that can infect your pets and home. Rodents don’t go dormant during the winter, so they can invade your home over the cold days looking for shelter and food. These animals breed notoriously fast. Rats can have up to 84 pups every year, while mice can have up to 56.

Store all food sources in air tight containers or in the fridge to avoid attracting rodents. Furthermore, removing food debris and covering waste receptacles will prevent the odors from enticing these unwelcome guests.

Blake’s Pest Control Mice & Rat Removal

Rodents can be hard to remove alone. They can be extremely elusive and are primarily active at night. With hidden places, they are compact enough to wiggle through narrow spaces in your walls or foundations.

The most common treatment for these pests includes traps and bait. That said, rodents are wary of new elements in their environment, so these aren’t as helpful in the long term. If left untreated, colonies of rodents can take over parts of your home like your attic or space between walls. For an actual, long term fix, call Blake’s Pest Control now. Expert exterminators have the tools and the qualifications to remove rats and mice from hard to reach spots. Blake’s Pest Control works for all of Virginia, along with Fairfax.