Rat & Mouse Control around Fredericksburg, Virginia

Rats and mice have been a pest for humans as long as farms have existed. These pests taint food storage and spread illnesses, even today. Along with their constant breeding rates make them particularly damaging to properties. If neglected, an army of rodents can destroy flooring, electrical lines and contaminate your property with feces and urine. For residents of Virginia, these pests can be a severe problem. Blake’s Pest Control offers complete elimination services for rodents in Fredericksburg and throughout Virginia.

Blake's Pest Control eliminates mice from your Virginia home.

What Do Rodents Do?

Domesticated rats or mice can be great pets, but their feral cousins are more pests than pets. Creatures in the rodent family are gnawing machines with powerful, overgrown incisors, which makes them particularly harmful to wall and electric lines, a few of the most common fixtures they can target. These critters gnaw on fixtures to file down their large incisors, but grains, fruits and other produce are rodents’ primary source of food. Rats can taint the same amount of food as they eat, making them into a nuisance and a health hazard.

Along with the damage to your home, wild mice and rats carry and can transmit diseases like Hantavirus if touched. Fleas and ticks are also often found on rodents and can extend into your house and onto your pets. Winters are often harsh for rodents because they do not hibernate and come into homes looking for shelter. These pests breed notoriously fast. Rats can produce to 84 pups per year, while mice can have up to 56.

Keep all pantry items in closed containers or in the fridge to avoid attracting rodents. Consistently wiping down your counters and floors will eliminate food debris you should also keep a seal on all trash cans to neutralize odors that draw in rats or mice.

Blake’s Pest Control Rodent Specialists

If you don’t work quickly, rats and mice can be tough to eliminate by yourself. They can be incredibly quiet and are primarily active at night. With hidden places, they are compact enough to wiggle through tight cracks inside your home.

The most popular treatment for these invaders are traps or bait. These solutions may be effective at first, but may not be a long term solution. Colonies of rodents can invade your home if left untreated. For a real, permanent solution, contact Blake’s Pest Control today. Our team has the qualifications to eliminate mice and rats from your house rapidly and subtly. Contact Blake’s Pest Control now for more details.