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Rodents have been a nuisance for humans as long as civilization has existed. These vermin taint dry storage and carry illnesses, even in modern times. Along with their exponential breeding speeds make them cause serious damage to properties. If neglected, an army of rats or mice can destroy drywall, wiring and taint your home with solid and liquid waste. For residents of Virginia, these vermin can be a severe problem. Blake’s Pest Control offers complete extermination help for rats and mice in Gainesville and throughout Virginia.

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How are Rodents Pests?

Domesticated rodents make great companions, but their wild counterparts are more of a nuisance than pets. Animals in the rodent family are designed for gnawing with strong, overgrown incisors, which makes them particularly harmful to drywall and electric lines, some of the typical fixtures they can target. They feed primarily on seeds and grains, destroying your storage and dry food. Mice can taint the same amount of food as they eat, making them into a problem and a health hazard.

If you see a rodent at home, do not try to handle it as they often harbor diseases like Hantavirus. Fleas and ticks are also often found on rats or mice and can spread throughout your house and to your pets. The cold months of winter are often difficult for rodents because they do not hibernate and come into houses in search of shelter. They breed quickly, birthing scores of pups annually. Rats can make up to 84 babies every year, while mice can produce up to 56 annually.

Seal all food sources in closed containers or inside the fridge to avoid attracting rodents. Furthermore, cleaning up food debris and covering waste receptacles will prevent the odors from inviting these unwelcome guests.

Blake’s Pest Control Rodent Exterminators

Mice and rats are difficult to eliminate alone. These critters are typically hard to catch because they can compress into narrow spaces in the floors and are often nocturnal.

The most popular solution for these pests are traps or bait. These remedies might be effective initially, but may not be a permanent solution. If neglected, swarms of rodents can take over parts of your home like your basement or wall voids. For a real, long term solution, contact Blake’s Pest Control today. Our staff has the training to eliminate rodents from your house quickly and discretely. Call Blake’s Pest Control now to learn more.