Blake’s Pest Control – Rodents in Stafford, Virginia

Rats and mice have been a problem in homes since civilization has existed. Even today, these animals ravage food in dry stock and transfer illnesses to humans. These creatures devour, reproduce and leave waste rapidly and in exponential volumes. A colony of rats and mice will chew through drywall, wires and leave waste in food bins. All around Virginia, mice can bring serious problems for home and business owners alike. Blake’s Pest Control offers full elimination services for rats and mice in Stafford and throughout Virginia.

Blake's Pest Control removes rats from your Virginia home.

The Harm Rodents Cause

Though many people keep rodents as companions, wild species will cause significant harm. Species in the rodent family are designed for designed with powerful, oversized teeth, which makes them particularly harmful to wall and wires, some of the typical fixtures they can target. These animals chew on hard surfaces to file down their teeth, but grains, fruits and vegetables are rodents’ primary food source. Their large populations and consumption rates generate a large quantity of solid and liquid waste that contaminate any surface they come in contact with.

In addition to damage to your home, wild mice and rats carry and can spread diseases like Leptospirosis if touched. These animals can also carry parasites like fleas or ticks that can infest your pets and home. Neither rats nor mice hibernate during the winter, so they can enter your home during the cold days in search of food and warmth. These pests breed notoriously fast. Rats can have up to 84 babies per year, while mice can make up to 56.

To prevent rodents from entering your house, keep any food sources closed off. Furthermore, removing food debris and covering trash bins will keep the smells from inviting pests.

Blake’s Pest Control Mice & Rat Removal

If you don’t work quickly, rodents can be tough to remove on you own. These animals are especially elusive because they are able to compress into narrow cracks between the walls and are often active at night.

Traps and bait are the most popular solutions to a rodent invasion. These remedies might be effective at first, but may not work as a long term answer. Families of rats and mice can take over your home if neglected. For a real, permanent answer, contact Blake’s Pest Control today. Our team has the training to eliminate mice and rats from your house rapidly and discretely. Blake’s Pest Control works for all of northern Virginia, along with Stafford.