Blake’s Pest Control – Rats & Mice in Woodbridge, Virginia

Rats and mice have been a problem for humans since cities have existed. These pests taint dry storage and carry pathogens, even today. In addition their exponential reproductive speeds make them particularly damaging to properties. If neglected, an army of rodents can ruin walls, wiring and contaminate your pantry with feces and urine. For homeowners in Virginia, these pests can be a severe problem. If you see rats or mice at home, contact Blake’s Pest Control for professional assistance.

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Rat & Mouse Damage in Homes

Though lots of people keep mice or rats as companions, wild rodents will result in serious damage. These gnawing machines tend to break down drywall and electric fixtures with their large incisors, making them harmful to the structure of your home. These animals gnaw on fixtures to wear down their large incisors, but dry stock, fruits and vegetables are their primary source of food. Their sheer populations and consumption rates produce a large quantity of solid and liquid waste that contaminate any area they touch.

In addition to damage to your home, wild mice and rats carry and can spread illnesses like Leptospirosis if handled. Ticks and fleas are also often found on rats or mice and can extend into your house and to your pets. Neither rats nor mice hibernate during the winter, so they can enter your property over the chilly days looking for shelter and food. They reproduce quickly, birthing scores of babies a year. Rats can produce up to 84 babies a year, while mice can have up to 56 annually.

Store all food sources in closed containers or in the fridge to avoid attracting rodents. Regularly cleaning your counters and floors will eliminate crumbs we also suggest keeping a lid on all trash cans to neutralize smells that draw in rats or mice.

Blake’s Pest Control Rodent Exterminators

If you don’t move quickly, rats and mice can be a challenge to eliminate by yourself. These critters are especially hard to catch because they are able to compress into narrow spaces in the floors and are often active at night.

Traps and bait are the most common remedies for a rodent invasion. That said, rats and mice are wary of new elements in their habitat, so these aren’t as effective in the long term. Families of rodents can invade your house if left untreated. For a real, long term fix, call Blake’s Pest Control today. Professional exterminators have the tools and the training to remove rodents from their hiding places. Call Blake’s Pest Control now to learn more.