Professional Termite Control Services for Fredericksburg, VA

Termites are a homeowner’s nightmare! They are among the most destructive pests and cause a significant amount of property damage each year throughout the Fredericksburg, VA, area. Contacting Blake’s Pest Control Inc for a termite inspection is the first step to ensuring you don’t have an infestation. We are prepared to provide a thorough termite inspection as well as exterminate any size of infestation you have with our termite eradication and removal services.

Termites can cause serious damage.

Termites are one of the most dangerous pest infestations you can have because they damage the structure of your home. They silently consume the wood in your home that is behind walls and under floors. The vast amount of damage termites are responsible for can directly affect the structural integrity of your property.

Once they have infested your home, removal can be difficult, which is why you should contact Blake’s Pest Control for immediate termite extermination services and long-term termite control options.

Do I Have a Termite Problem?

Since these pests are hidden deep within the sub-structure of your home, it’s nearly impossible to know you have an issue. Their time is spent under your house and inside the walls, making it difficult to spot signs of activity. And when you realize it’s time to call an exterminator, the extent of the termite damage inside of the house is probably pretty significant. Termites won’t scatter like cockroaches, and they don’t congregate around food like ants. Termites are silent, so if you have an infestation you will not see them.

Termites can breed for months in your home and build their colonies without detection. As Fredericksburg’s leading local pest control company, Blake’s Pest Control Inc does more than just exterminate pests, we take extra measures to prevent their return. We provide proven and effective termite control treatments that eradicate existing colonies and prevent infestations down the road.

The Area’s Leading Termite Inspections and Termite Extermination Company

You can easily stay on top of termite control with routine, professional termite inspections with the team from Blake’s Pest Control Inc. When you call us to perform reliable pest extermination services, you have a fully trained team of exterminators who have the experience and equipment necessary to handle a thorough termite inspection and identify the main problem areas in your home.

You can expect our professional inspectors to spend about an hour and a half to two hours during your termite inspection, where they thoroughly examine your property. Our inspectors assess both the interior and exterior of your home, searching for visible signs of an infestation. To assist the inspector, you can remove items from under your sinks and enable easy access to your attic, basement, and any crawl spaces within your property. These areas often house termite colonies, and assessing those locations can help us in our quest to make your home a termite-free environment. They will scour your property for droppings, broken wings, mud tubes, and damaged wood, which are all good indicators you have a termite infestation. If you happen to uncover a colony of termites, don’t try to remove them on your own. When termites are disturbed, the colony will leave the spot they occupy and establish another colony elsewhere to avoid being detected.

Blake’s Pest Control is Your Best Termite Eradication Service

Call us for a complimentary termite inspection if you think you need termite control services. All of our exterminators are tested, trained and licensed by the Virginia DOA. Mice, roaches and other pests are among our extermination services in the Fredericksburg region, so no matter the pest problem you have, we can handle the job. To learn more about what we can do to get rid of termites in your Fredericksburg home, call Blake’s Pest Control today.