The Best Termite Extermination Services in Gainesville, VA

Termite problems should be dealt with quickly by a professional exterminator, because this pest can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Blake’s Pest Control provides the best termite control services throughout the Gainesville, VA, area. Our termite control services can take care of the issue, leaving your home a pest-free property. Our termite control specialists are trained to detect the presence of bugs and insects and pinpoint their location in your home. As Gainesville’s leading termite extermination company, we are ready to eradicate any pests you have with reliable termite treatment.  We can help you deal with an infestation with the most effective termite treatments available. If you think you may have termites or you are certain there is a colony in your home,  contact Blake’s Pest Control today.

Termite Inspection and Treatment Services

If you don’t have previous experience with termites it can be difficult to know if you have an infestation. Although there are plenty of online resources that can help you know what to look for, your best option is to hire a professional pest exterminator. Fortunately, the team with Blake’s knows precisely what to look for to accurately identify termites. Our termite control specialists will apply treatments to the affected areas to eliminate the live insects and prevent any more from hatching.

Blake’s Pest Control exterminators perform a thorough termite inspection on your home in Gainesville, VA. From there, we can identify where the pests are in your home and evaluate the amount of damage they have inflicted on your property. Termite inspections are not easy, so it’s essential you contact our expert pest extermination team for conclusive results. Blake’s Pest Control provides accurate information and proven results.


Our Long-Lasting Termite Control Treatments

Blake’s Pest Control has helped homeowners by providing long-lasting termite treatments. Our extensive experience and thorough training allows our exterminators to be able to inspect your home and apply the necessary termite treatments to eradicate the pests. Termite infestations can be problematic to resolve without the right equipment or knowledge. We use special tools, equipment and powerful solutions to carry out our termite control services for Formosan, dry wood, subterranean termites and more.  In addition to the property damage they leave behind as they chew through wood, they also cause structural issues. As a family-owned and operated company, we are proud to offer the residents of Gainesville, VA, personable customer service and excellent treatments that you can trust!


It’s important to reach out to Blake’s Pest Control specialists for professional termite control services, because these pests can have a negative effect on the health of anyone dwelling in your home who has asthma or allergies. If you have a termite problem in your Gainesville, VA, home, get in touch with our professionals. Our exterminators are knowledgeable about these types of insects and they know which solutions provide lasting results. Get termite removal services as soon as you notice an issue and mitigate the damage done to your home.


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Pests and vermin are problematic for any homeowners and dealing with them is an inconvenience. Fortunately, Blake’s Pest Control takes care of all pest and vermin infestations. We are available to provide the best termite extermination and termite control services in Gainesville, VA. We’ll arrive promptly for an inspection, determine the scope of the problem and provide the treatments and termite removal services that you need. Get in contact with our team today at 703-551-4596 to request an appointment.