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Blake's Pest Control offers termite control services in Stafford, VA.

Without the help of professional treatment, termites and other pests could live inside your home for months completely undetected. Stafford’s best local pest control goes beyond simple extermination. We offer a wide range of all-inclusive termite treatments to treat current problems and prevent infestations down the road.

How do I Terminate Termites?

Termites are generally most active during the spring and into the summer, especially in the early hours. The ‘swarmer’ members of the colony scout out new territory to establish new colonies, so it’s crucial to get your home ready with preventative measures. Springy wood like that in Douglas fir is a termite colony’s favorite food. The termite colony hollows the wood into a shell. When they do this in your home, it damages the stability of your home’s foundation.

More than 1 in 5 homes in highly active regions like Stafford, VA have or will be hit by termite colonies. These pests can be hard to see because they come into homes through tiny gaps in flooring, a few of their favorite places in your home are in-fill patios and cracks in concrete. If you find a colony in your home, leave them alone. When shaken or disturbed, they abandon the area and relocate deeper into your building, making them more difficult to see again.

Blake’s Pest Control Termite Inspection

Contact us today if you believe termites are on your property. Our technicians are state certified and have extensive training. Call Blake’s Pest Control to get a whole series of extermination services. Rodents, roaches and other pests are among our many targets in the Stafford area. Contact Blake’s Pest Control today.