Pest Extermination in Alexandria, VA

If pests have overrun your home in Alexandria, VA, you may start to notice some severe problems. Blake’s Pest Control offers pest extermination services to handle a wide range of insect and rodent issues and inhibit future infestations. From wood destroying organisms like wood beetles, carpenter ants, and termites, to disease-causing rodents, all household pests need to be exterminated as soon as possible. We thoroughly apply our treatments in vulnerable areas around your house where bugs are entering or nesting. Our solutions are effective yet safe to use around humans and pets. Get rid of the pesky pests in your home with help from our exterminators as soon as possible!

Residential Pest Control Services

f you’re worried about ants, termites, or dry rot, get in touch with us for an inspection. For the most effective pest control treatments, Blake’s Pest Control is the company you can count on to take care of your insect or rodent problem in the Alexandria, VA, area. We don’t only exterminate bugs; we stop them from coming back. Preventative methods are important in reducing the incidence of a future pest problem, so we’ll provide you with tried-and-true techniques that will keep them away. You can always trust the safety of the extermination treatments we provide, and their effectiveness at restoring comfort back to your home.

What Pests Do We Remove?

Whether you’re dealing with termites, cockroaches, or other insects, we’re prepared to help you with thorough pest removal services. An infestation can be a huge inconvenience that can lead to property damage and health problems, as well as many other issues. Our business offers an easy fix for all kinds of pest problems. Our exterminators are qualified to provide efficient pest control treatments using environmentally friendly procedures that can help you feel comfortable in your home once again.

We have treated all types of pest infestations and we understand the most effective way to get the job done right. Your home should be an enjoyable place to spend time, so don’t let a bug issue take over. Remove these pests once and for all with help from Blake’s Pest Control.

These are the pests we commonly remove from homes

Wood-Destroying Bugs

Although you can’t hear them, wood destroying organisms could be eating away at your home, without you even knowing. Defending the wood beneath your home from these insects is crucial. Repairing damaged wood understructures is costly, but with our help, the following pests can be taken care of before the damage becomes extensive:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Subterranean termites
  • Wood beetles

The most common wood-destroying bugs are termites, which are most active during the warmer months and mornings. The ‘swarmer’ termites are scouts looking for fresh territory to establish new colonies, so it’s crucial to get your home ready by taking precautions. They are particularly damaging to structures made of spongy lumber, which makes a good spot for colonies to enter and leave a hollow shell behind. These pests and others like it are difficult to catch because they can enter homes using tiny gaps in asphalt, in-fill patios, and expansion joints. If you encounter these insects, leave them alone or they’ll relocate to avoid being found again.


Insects are commonly found in homes, and along with being a nuisance, some of them can cause painful bites, stings, allergies, asthma, food poisoning, diseases, decreased quality of life and lowered property value. Contact Blake’s Pest Control if you have the following insects in your home:

  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Small ants
  • Spiders
  • Wasps

Usual entry points include windows, gutters, and cracks, which are perfect for small ants to crawl through. Make sure they’re sealed as well as possible to avoid them altogether. Pests and insects like carpenter ants are attracted to pools of water and food that are left out, so be sure to sanitize frequently as well. In addition to sealing and screening windows, you should also inspect weatherstripping, door sweeps, cracks in walls, and clean out wet leaves or other organic debris.


Mice and rats go inside homes in search of food and warmth. Rodents are notorious for burrowing in walls and cabinets where they cause damage, leave droppings, and spread disease. It’s a well-known fact that rodents cause allergic reactions in humans and transfer illnesses and viruses like Hantavirus, rat bite fever, and salmonellosis. Feral rodents are pests that gnaw through drywall and wiring with their strong, oversized teeth, which can cause a lot of damage in your property. These rats or mice chew on hard surfaces to file down their large incisors, but grains, fruits, and other produce are their main source of food. They are also capable of contaminating their environment, causing them to be hazards to your health as well.

Contact Us for a Pest Removal Estimate

Don’t wait to call Blake’s Pest Control if you think you have a pest problem taking over your home. Our team of professional exterminators will perform a comprehensive inspection to first determine the extent of the problem and points of entry. We will then advise you on the pest removal services you require and tips for preventing future infestations. We always aim for our customers’ complete satisfaction, which is why we do thorough work that eliminates the problem at the source. Reach out to our team at 703-490-0081 to receive an estimate for your home in the Alexandria, VA, area