Insect, Pest & Mice Control in Gainesville, VA

Blake’s Pest Control in Gainesville provides a variety of pest control services to handle any pest or insect problems you have. Whether you are facing an ant or insect infestation or have seen mice around your property, our team of professional exterminators can tackle the problem. We are a green extermination company, so our non-toxic methods provide a more effective solution to pest control. Don’t let bugs or insects overrun your home. Let Blake’s Pest Control exterminate them and prevent their return.

Pest Control Services

Blake’s Pest Control service is a comprehensive, non-toxic approach for defending your home from invasive bugs, insects, and rodents. Our methods exterminate and prevent them from coming back without lethal chemicals that may pose a danger to your family and pets. In Gainesville, VA, you can trust our safe and reliable methods. We customize the pest control process to match the degree of your specific issue and treat that. You won’t pay for services you don’t need unless you request them.
Our services include:

Wood Destroying Pests

It is often the pests you cannot see or hear that do the most damage. Wood destroying pests cause structural damage to your property that can go undetected for years. With our pest control services, we can eradicate the organisms and give you the chance to fix the wood understructure to your home. Among wood destroying organisms we eliminate are:

  • Wood beetles
  • Carpenter ants
  • Subterranean termites


Virginia experiences freezing, cold winters and humid, hot summers. Both of which drive rodents like, mice and rats into your home searching for food and escaping the elements. It is proven that rodents set off allergic reactions in humans and transmit viral diseases like rabies, Hantavirus, salmonellosis and rat bite fever. Rodents chew up, pollute and damage possessions like furniture, food storage, and packed away items and collectibles.

Bugs and Insects

Bug and insect infestations are easily eliminated with our safe process of extermination. These pests are commonly found in homes and properties throughout the region. As well as being annoying, they bite, sting, cause allergic reactions, poison food, decrease quality of life and depreciate your property. Blake’s Pest Control treats:

  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Small ants
  • Spiders
  • Wasps
  • And more

Contact Us

Call Blake’s Pest Control if you suspect you have a pest control problem. Our team performs a comprehensive inspection to first determine if you have a problem, then advises upon the best treatment.