Termite Treatment for Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, VA residents trust Blake's Pest Control for termite control.

Without a professional inspection, pests like termites could live in your house for a long time without your knowledge. Blake’s Pest Control goes the extra mile with our pest control services. We offer a complete package of pest control services to deal with existing problems and prevent future infestations.

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Termites are generally most active during the warmer months, particularly in the early hours. The ‘swarmer’ termites are scouts looking for fresh places to establish new colonies, so it’s crucial to get your home ready by taking preventative measures. Termites’ dish of choice is soft springy wood like Douglas Fir and other timber in your home. An entire termite colony targets the inside of wooden beams and other structures, abandoning a hollow shell behind. This is especially damaging to your home’s structural stability.

Over 1 in 5 homes in highly active regions such as Alexandria, VA have or will be stricken by termites. These pests can be hard to find because they come into buildings using tiny gaps in concrete. Other favorite places for termite colonies include in-fill patios and expansion joints. When you uncover termites on your property, avoid disturbing them. When shaken or disturbed, the colony will leave the spot and relocate deeper into your building to avoid being found again.

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Contact us today if you suspect termites are on your property. Our termite treatment is non-toxic for kids and pets, but killer for termites. Each of our exterminators is licensed and tested by the VA Department of Agriculture. Call Blake’s Pest Control to get a whole catalog of extermination services. Rodents, beetles and other pests are included in our extermination services in the Alexandria region. Call Blake’s Pest Control today.