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Without professional training and equipment, termites and other pests could live in your home for months completely undetected. Blake’s Pest Control goes farther than killing termites. We also offer prevention and suggestions to avoid pests in the future.

Termites Baiting in Gainesville, VA

Spring and summer are when you’ll most likely see active termites. The ‘swarmer’ members of the colony search for fresh territory to establish new colonies, making it important to take preventative measures. Spongy wood like that in Douglas Firs are a termite colony’s favorite snack. The colony leaves the hollow casing of the wood. If this happens to your property, its structural stability is more likely to be harmed.

More than a fifth of homes in highly active regions such as Gainesville, VA have or will be invaded by termites. Termites are difficult to find because they can enter buildings using tiny gaps in concrete. Common locations for termite colonies include in-fill patios and cracks in concrete. If you encounter a termite infestation on your property, avoid disturbing them. If shaken or disturbed, the colony will leave the area and move to another section of your building to avoid being found again.

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If you’re concerned about termites, contact us for a cost-free inspection. Our termite treatment is safe for children and pets to be around, but deadly for termites. Call Blake’s Pest Control to get a full series of extermination services. In addition to termites, we also eliminate rodents, roaches and other pests from buildings throughout Gainesville, VA.