Termite Control Services for Homes in Springfield, VA

Without the help of professional treatment, termites can live under and inside your home for a long time right under your nose. Our pest control team goes the extra mile with our pest control services. Our team provides the complete package of termite treatments to treat existing issues and prevent infestations down the road.

Why are Termites Harmful?

Spring and summer are when you’ll most likely see active termites. The ‘swarmer’ termites search for fresh places to set up new colonies, making it crucial to get your home ready by taking precautions. Springy lumber similar to that in Douglas Firs is a termite colony’s favorite food. An entire termite colony targets the inside of the wood, leaving a hollow shell behind. This is especially damaging to your home’s structural integrity.

More than 1 in 5 houses in highly active regions such as Springfield, VA have been infected with or can be invaded by termites. These pests can be hard to see because they can enter homes through tiny gaps in asphalt. Favorite places for termite colonies include in-fill patios and expansion joints. When you find a colony on your property, leave them alone. If shaken or disturbed, they abandon the area and relocate deeper into your building, making it more difficult to see again.

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Reach out to us soon if you’re worried about termites on your property. Our technicians are certified and licensed. Contact Blake’s Pest Control to get a full catalog of pest control services. Rodents, beetles and any other pest is included in our many targets in the Springfield region. Contact Blake’s Pest Control today.