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Reclaim Your Home from Pesky Invaders with Blake’s Pest Control

Pests are more than just a nuisance – they can pose serious health risks to your family and cause costly damage to your property. As the seasons change, these unwelcome guests often seek shelter and food inside our homes.

Here at Blake’s Pest Control, we understand the importance of keeping your home pest-free.  We offer comprehensive solutions to eliminate and prevent infestations of all kinds, from common household bugs to destructive rodents.

Why Choose Blake’s Pest Control?

Fast and Effective: Our experienced technicians identify the culprit and create a personalized plan to eliminate them effectively.

Proactive Protection: We go beyond just treating existing infestations. Our preventative control services ensure long-lasting peace of mind by creating a barrier against future invaders.

Safe and Family-Friendly: We keep your home pest-free with methods safe for your loved ones and pets.

Local Expertise: As a local company, we understand the unique pest challenges faced by homeowners in our area.

Experienced Professionals: Our skilled team can quickly find the problem and make a customized plan to fix it.

Safe and Effective Methods: We prioritize keeping your family and pets safe while effectively eliminating pests.

Preventative Measures: We go beyond simply treating existing infestations. We offer preventative control services to stop pests from returning in the first place.

Family-Owned and Operated: We recognize the importance of safeguarding your home and family. That’s why we prioritize delivering exceptional customer service, treating you just like our own family.

Don’t allow your home to become susceptible to pest infestations. Contact Blake’s Pest Control today for a free inspection and quote. We offer year-round protection plans to safeguard your property from pest infestations.

Pest Control Services

Our pest control services include:

Wood Eating Insects

Wood Eating Insects



  • Fleas
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Scabies
  • Kissing bugs


  • Mice
  • Rats
Wasp Nest

Targeted Solutions for All Your Pest Problems:

  • Ant Control: We can eliminate all types of ants, from tiny acrobat ants to persistent carpenter ants. Our experts quickly pinpoint the ant species and eliminate them with the most effective treatment.
  • Rodent Control: Mice, rats, and other rodents spread disease and damage property. Our rodent control services use traps, exclusion methods, and preventive measures to keep them away.
  • Termite Control: Termites silently chew away at the structural integrity of your home. From inspections and treatment plans to preventative measures, our termite control service protects your property from these destructive insects.
  • General Pest Control: We tackle a wide range of common household pests, including cockroaches, spiders, millipedes, and more. Our exterminator services utilize safe and effective methods to eliminate existing infestations and prevent future problems.

Blake’s Pest Control: Your Trusted Partner In Pest Control Services

Our experienced team is committed to offering quick, effective, and safe pest control solutions customized to suit you. As a local, family-owned business, we understand the specific challenges homeowners encounter in Northern Virginia. We focus on delivering outstanding customer service. Don’t let pests invade your home – reach out to Blake’s Pest Control today to regain control and protect your family’s health and comfort.

Don’t let pest problems take control of your property. Contact Blake’s Pest Control today for a free inspection and quote. We’ll help you reclaim your home from unwanted pests!

Bugs and rodents can be complicated to get rid of once they have taken up residency. Get a timely inspection done today.

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