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Ant Control Services in Arlington, VA

Ant control services are a must for any home in Arlington, VA, with an unmanageable infestation. At Blake’s Pest Control, we pride ourselves in offering effective extermination services for customers who need assistance from a professional. When temporary fixes are no longer keeping ants away, you should hire an exterminator to provide long-term solutions. There are various ant species that could be living in your home, and they may enter from various entry points throughout your property. Prevention is key when it comes to an ant infestation, but we’re here to help when the issue gets out of control. Turn to our reliable ant exterminators to get rid of the problem and restore your home to its usual state.

When Should You Call an Ant Exterminator?

You should hire a local ant exterminator when you notice that the infestation can no longer be controlled by store-bought products. While you may find a temporary fix, the only long-lasting solution is extermination services by trained professionals. If you have an ant colony somewhere in or near your home, there will likely be countless ants throughout the property searching for food. Depending on the species of ant, they will look different and sometimes exhibit different behavior. We understand what to look for and how to provide effective ant control services, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

These are some of the ant varieties you may see in your home:

  • Carpenter ants: If your property has structural issues, these types of ants might enter and cause damage to areas built with wood. Otherwise, they usually nest in wet and decaying wood, or rotted trees.
  • Pavement ants: They might enter your home in search of sugary and greasy food in pantries, but they can normally be found on sidewalks and rocks during the warmer months of the year.
  • Red imported fire ants: These ants have distinctly red bodies, do well in hot climates, and like to build dirt mounds. If they make their way indoors, they will be in search of food and are known to give sharp, painful bites that are followed by a burning sensation.
  • Odorous house ants: A foul odor is released from these ants when crushed, which is where they get their name. You may find them nesting in your cupboards, looking for sweets and possibly insects too.
  • How Do You Prevent Ant Infestations?

    It’s better to prevent an ant infestation than having to fix the problem later when it gets out of hand. Our ant exterminators not only provide removal services for residential customers, but they also give useful tips to prevent it from happening again. Ants make their way into your home by crawling in through vulnerable entry points such as cracks in floor boards, windows, doorways, and ceiling seams. Making sure to close or seal these areas tightly will help in reducing the incidence of an ant problem.

    These are some of the ways you can prevent an ant infestation in the first place:

    • Seal every window frame
    • Install screens on every window
    • Add caulking to cracks on basement walls
    • Inspect all weather stripping and door sweeps
    • Remove organic debris frequently
    • Clean out wet leaves from gutters
    • Check corners for gaps or broken wall trimmings

    Reliable Ant Removal Professionals

    When you need ant removal services, our professionals are here to meet your needs using highly effective solutions you can depend on. Blake’s Pest Control has served customers in the Arlington, VA, area with extermination services for many years. We’re dedicated to meeting our customers’ total satisfaction through honest work and long-lasting results. We approach the job with your needs in mind, meaning we work efficiently with powerful solutions to return your home back to its pest-free condition. Our team will arrive at your home promptly to inspect the area and determine the severity of the issue. We’ll provide same-day ant control services, paying special attention to any opening where they may be coming in from. You’ll also be given helpful tips to prevent their return in the long run. Invest in a home free of pests by getting in touch with our team right away.

    Schedule a Visit From Our Ant Exterminators

    Protect your home from pest infestations with help from Blake’s Pest Control. With our ant removal services, you won’t have to worry about having an infestation take over your home in Arlington, VA. Our team is trained to offer thorough solutions to get rid of the issue and we do so at a cost-effective price. We’ll begin with an inspection to determine how to approach the job and we’ll provide you with same-day services for your convenience. Let us deal with the pest problem using the most useful tools and techniques available. Contact our ant exterminators at (703) 551-4596 to schedule a visit today.