Removing Ants from Your Home in Fairfax, VA

You may have an ant colony persisting in your home, annoying your family and interfering with your day. Blake’s Pest Control, Inc. serves the Fairfax, VA area, with experienced, discreet pest control for every species of ant that lives in Virginia. Our team of specialists perform subtle and quick work to exterminate your ant problem. If you discover an ant infestation in your home, don’t hesitate to call our experts for help. These are some ant species to be aware of:

  • Carpenter Ants – These ants typically won’t go into a house unless there are structural issues, like decaying wood, where they can nest. That’s because they are normally drawn to environments like rotted trees and wet wood. While they perform a critical part in nature to decompose rotten wood, indoors they sometimes wear down the structure of a home.
  • Pavement Ants – Pavement ants are prone to living outside on sidewalks and rocks, but in the spring and summer they are found in homes. They sometimes enter homes when they are searching for food or escaping a turf war with another colony of ants. These pests often forage in your pantry and kitchen for sugar, greasy foods and meats.
  • Red Imported Fire Ants – Fire ants have noticeable red bodies and have become a more common occurrence in northern Virginia in the past few decades. They prefer hot climates where they can build dirt mounds, but they also venture inside to scavenge for food. These are an aggressive species of ant that is known to have a sharp, painful bite followed by a burning sensation.
  • Odorous House Ants – An odorous house ant gets its name from the foul odor it releases when it is crushed. Their natural diet consists of eating honeydew and other fruit, so they are mostly attracted to sweet foods. If you’ve spotted ants in your cupboards, they are probably looking for sweet items. They have the ability to nest pretty much anywhere inside or outside and survive on dead insects too.

How to Prevent Ant Infestations

Ants find their way into a home through common entry points like ceiling seams, windows and doors. Make sure any holes, gaps or cracks are sealed tightly to avoid having ants penetrate your home. Pests and other ant-like insects are enticed by scraps of food and stagnant water, so be sure to sanitize frequently. The following are some of the actions you can take to deter and control ants:

  • Install screens on every window
  • Seal every window frame
  • Inspect all weather stripping and door sweeps
  • Add caulking to cracks on basement walls
  • Check corners for gaps or broken wall trimmings
  • Clean out wet leaves from gutters
  • Remove organic debris frequently

Talk to Us Today

Blake’s Pest Control, Inc. has been defending Fairfax residents against pests and ants for over ten years. We offer complete ant removal services at inexpensive costs. We offer optional monthly visits and follow up ant control services depending on the gravity of the pest issue and how long it endures. Contact us at (703) 551-4596 and our licensed specialists will arrive on the scene to discreetly and quickly remove the ants.