Rodent Exterminator for Alexandria, VA

Unfortunately, rats and mice are a common nuisance, and if you spot them in or around your home, they must be dealt with quickly. Blakes’ Pest Control provides thorough and immediate pest extermination services in Alexandria, VA. Rodents consume food in dry storage and transfer illnesses to humans. These creatures devour, reproduce and drop waste quickly and in exponential quantities. If neglected, an army of rats or mice can destroy drywall wiring and contaminate your property with feces and urine. For residents of Virginia, these animals can be a severe dilemma. Call Blake’s Pest Control for expert rodent extermination services if you see rats or mice in your home.
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Do I Need a Professional Exterminator for Rodent Problems?

Though many people keep mice or rats as pets, feral rodents can cause significant harm. Rodents are gnawing machines with powerful, overgrown teeth, making them harmful to walls and wires, some of the most common fixtures they can destroy. They mainly eat seeds and grains like oats, destroying your pantry and dry food. Their large numbers and consumption rates generate feces, and urine pollutes any area they touch. Professional pest exterminators like Blake’s Pest Control are the most effective handling of rodents like mice and rats.

If you see a mouse or rat at home, avoid handling it as they often harbor pathogens like Hantavirus. Ticks and fleas are also commonly found on rodents and can extend into your home and onto your pets. Neither rats nor mice hibernate during the cold season so that they can enter your property during the cold days in search of shelter and food. These animals breed notoriously fast. Rats can produce 84 babies every year, while mice can make up to 56. Our rodent exterminators work throughout the Alexandria, VA, area, ensuring that your home and property remain pest-free.

To prevent mice and rats from entering your property, ensure that any dry storage remains closed off. Consistently wiping down your counters and floors will remove crumbs, which attract pests. In addition, you should also keep a seal on all waste receptacles to neutralize odors that attract rats or mice. There is no need to tolerate rodent infestations when you can call Blake’s Pest Control for the most effective pest extermination services in the area.

Pest Exterminators Eliminate Rats and Mice from your Home

Rodents can be tough to eliminate if you don’t work aggressively. They can be highly elusive and usually are active at night. With hidden spots, they are small enough to wiggle through narrow crevasses in your walls or foundations. Because they are so elusive, it’s imperative to act quickly and call a professional rodent exterminator.

Traps and bait are the most common solutions to this invasion. These solutions might work at first but may not be permanent. If left untreated, swarms of rodents can claim parts of your home like your porch or space between walls. Blake’s Pest Control provides homeowners a long-term rodent extermination solution throughout Alexandria, VA. Our staff has the education to remove mice and rats from your house rapidly and discretely. Blake’s Pest Control serves all of Virginia, including Alexandria.