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Rodents have been a problem for humans since cities have existed. These vermin taint dry stock and transmit illnesses, even in modern times. Along with their exponential breeding speeds make them particularly damaging to homes. If neglected, an army of rodents can destroy flooring, wiring and taint your pantry with solid and liquid waste. For homeowners in Virginia, these vermin can be a serious dilemma. Blake’s Pest Control offers full elimination help for rodents in Springfield and across Virginia.

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Rat & Mouse Damage in Homes

Though many people keep rodents as pets, feral rodents will result in serious damage. Species in the rodent family are designed for gnawing with powerful, overgrown incisors, which makes them especially dangerous to drywall and wires, a few of the typical items they can target. They eat mainly on cereals and grains, contaminating your pantry and dry stock. Rodents can taint as much food that they eat, turning them into a problem and a health danger.

If you see a mouse or rat in your home, avoid handling because they can carry pathogens like Leptospirois. Fleas and ticks are also often found on rats or mice and can spread throughout your house and onto your pets. Winters are particularly bad for rodents because they do not hibernate and come into houses in search of warmth. These animals breed notoriously fast. Rats can have up to 84 babies every twelve months, while mice can have up to 56.

To bar rodents from entering your house, keep all food sources closed off. Regularly wiping down surfaces and floors will eliminate crumbs we also suggest keeping a seal on any trash cans to neutralize odors that draw in rats or mice.

Springfield, Virginia Mice & Rat Specialists

Rodents can be tough to remove without help. They can be extremely hard to catch and are often active at night. With concealed hiding places, they are flexible enough to squeeze through tight cracks in your walls or foundations.

The most popular solution for these pests are traps and bait. These solutions might work initially, but might not be a long term solution. Colonies of rats and mice can invade your home if neglected. For a real, long term solution, call Blake’s Pest Control today. Professional exterminators have the technology and the training to remove rodents from hard to reach spots. Call Blake’s Pest Control today for more details.